• Vision, Purpose and Mission
    of our Charitable Foundation

    car washed into mudslide, debris and boulders

We are committed to serving; before, during and after the emergency.

We use lights and sirens to reach your calls, we use our Foundation to reach out beyond that.

Your donation is welcome.

The aim of the Montecito Firefighters’ Charitable Foundation is to help children, firefighters and other members of our community in their times of need.

As firefighters, we are often right there, on the scene of some of the most challenging emergencies in our community and it quickly becomes clear that more and continued help would be welcomed. But we also know that struggles may not be limited to those times. They may occur after the crisis calms down or in the quiet of one’s own private situation. To us, there is no boundary we cannot cross to offer our assistance when it is needed. In other words, we are here to help in other aspects of life not only during acute emergencies.

Therefore, it is our aim to help people regardless of the circumstance in which their need arises. Above all, we know that assistance and support can make all the difference.

Our Foundation Mission

The specific objectives and purpose of this corporation shall be:

To provide relief to the poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged, disaster victims and those facing emergency hardship situations based upon need (financial or other distress) at the time the assistance is given, specifically as related to children, firefighters and their families, and burn victims and their families.