• About Our Charitable Foundation

    Montecito firefighters

The Montecito Firefighters’ Charitable Foundation was created in 2006 by members of the Montecito Firefighters Association.

Your donation is welcome.

Our foundation was established to address needs we saw time and again in our community. We felt it was important to do something that would make a substantial and tangible difference.

So we created an additional way to serve. Because our relationship with you goes further than flames, flood and mud.

We are your firefighters.

Our board members are active duty firefighters with the Montecito Fire Department who maintain a common goal of professionalism and service that goes beyond the call of duty.

We are your first responders in times of community crisis and we know we can do more.

We formed this charitable foundation to help members of the community and members of our fire family.  Throughout the years we have been privileged to donate to those in need and look forward to continuing that tradition well into the future.

In the years since our inception, it has been our honor to assist individuals in a wide variety of situations from supporting a foster child’s education, assisting with funeral costs, burn victims, high tech wheelchairs. It is important to us not to limit the manner in which we help but rather to be led forward by the needs that we encounter.